Gender and Power at Work

I know it's been a while between updates. I've been struggling at work, and haven't had a whole lot of energy for writing. I'm also starting to firm up a plan for my first chapter, so I'm not sure how often I'll update here. After all, I want to write the chapters, not just the … Continue reading Gender and Power at Work


Work is an Ordering Principle

A few months ago I posted a working definition of work. I've been becoming more and more unhappy with it as time's worn on. It's far too materialist, for starters. It won't deal with the psychic or emotional effects of work on our lives. As Steven Salaita puts it in his recent post on post-academic … Continue reading Work is an Ordering Principle

Bullshit Jobs and the Labourisation of Work

Three days ago I changed my job title on LinkedIn. The title change was part of a broader restructure at work, and was accompanied by a new role description which was really just a superficial tweak to the old one attached to a larger portfolio of accounts. There was no real increase in responsibility, and … Continue reading Bullshit Jobs and the Labourisation of Work