Foucault on Work

So, after my last post, I’ve been given the green light to keep publishing on the blog. It was all a bit of a formality in the end, but given how much synergy there is between the day to day of my job and the stuff I’ve been reading on Governmentality, it was a worthwhile … Continue reading Foucault on Work


Some (ambivalent) news…

I haven’t written a blog post in two months. That’s dangerously close to dead-ending a blog. A few things have got in the way of my writing. Rather fittingly, the first of those is work. I gave notice at my old job at the end of March (a few days after my last post), and … Continue reading Some (ambivalent) news…

Is it Bedrock All the Way Down?

I was only a few pages into Max Weber’s influential 1930 work The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism, when I came across this sentence: “The modern rational organisation of the capitalistic enterprise would not have been possible without two other important factors in its development: the separation of business from the household, which … Continue reading Is it Bedrock All the Way Down?